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C29SPRING - Hustler 4" Stainless Steel Barrel Antenna Spring

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American made high quality antennas for over 40 years, Hustler Antennas and accessories are manufactured in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex of Texas.

The C29SPRING heavy duty stainless steel barrel spring from Hustler Antennas offers exceptional performance, quality construction, and superior corrosion resistance. The C29SPRING barrel spring was designed to relieve the mount stress from larger sized antennas. This heavy duty antenna spring will easily handle 5 foot fiberglass and 102 inch stainless steel whip mobile radio antennas that are subject to extreme conditions.

A broken two-way radio antenna will render the best CB or 10 meter radio useless. A simple miscalculation when accounting for clearing a low tree limb, or garage overhang can destroy the best fiberglass CB antenna. But a broken antenna may be the least of your problems. When an antenna strikes a low hanging object the mount tends to pull or tear away from the fender, bumper, or other attachment point. There is nothing quite like a thousand dollar repair bill. Especially if installing a heavy duty barrel antenna spring from Hustler Antennas would have saved the day!

If you are not sure that an antenna spring in necessary for your CB antenna, be sure to review CB World's complete guide to antenna springs.

The Hustler C29SPRING is one of the strongest and highest quality CB antenna springs available. The C29SPRING measures a robust 4.5 inches tall and 1 ¾ inches at its widest point. Threaded for compatibility with all 3/8x24 inch CB antennas and mounts.

Protect your antenna, mount, and vehicle body with a Hustler C29SPRING heavy duty barrel spring.

Product features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Impact design
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Chrome/Steel Plated Top and Bottom
  • Electro polished finish
  • Fits all Hustler mast and HF mobile systems
  • Fits all 3/8" x 24 threaded CB antennas
  • Copper braided center conductor to prevent antenna detuning
  • 4.5 inches tall 
  • American made

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