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DM5000 - Twinpoint/Workman Superstar Power Echo Tornado Microphone

, 4 Pin
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The DM5000 "Aggravator" Superstar Tornado CB Echo Microphone from Workman/Twinpoint is among the best available on today's market. Workman Electronics is a well know brand name with professional drivers of CB microphones and accessories.

The DM5000 Power Tornado Echo microphone features the controls on the outside of mic case! The DM5000 Tornado has dual echo controls on the outside of the mic and external controls on the back case for easy one hand adjustments!

The DM5000 Tornado Echo tornado mic is compatible with 4 pin Cobra/Uniden and most newer 4 pin CB radios. The DM5000-5 is compatible with 5 pin CB radios. For powerful clean audio with loud sound install a DM5000 in your CB or two-way radio and let the clear sound of your voice hit the airwaves!

The "Aggravator" has an on board IC that is programmable from a personal computer using the included programming cable. You'll be able to program a 20 second sound byte for true customized audio. Just key up the mic, push the trigger control switch and your sound byte will play over the air!

DM5000 Features

Power Tornado Echo Microphone
Dual Outside Controls
20 sec. Recordable IC
Mil 10 Mic Cord
4-Pin Cobra® Uniden


Features on the back of the microphone:

  • Echo Effects Volume Control
  • Microphone hanger & primary back case screw
  • VR3 Talk Back volume control
  • VR2 Output volume control
  • Echo Effects Delay Control
  • Push to Talk (PTT)
  • Battery cover
  • Requires 9 V battery (not included)
  • Does not include programming instructions- see instructions below.


The Twinpoint/Workman DM5000 Power Tornado Echo microphone is a 4 pin electret CB microphone. Because it is amplified, it is completely compatible with any CB radio wired standard 4 pin Cobra/Uniden. The DM5000-5 is compatible with 5 pin CB radios.

Instructions for Programming the Microphone

Using a Computer:

  • Unplug your computer's external speaker from the speaker jack on the computer.
  • Plug the computer's external speaker (that you just unplugged) into the panel jack on the programming cable.
  • Insert the 3.5mm plug (with the green, white, and yellow wires) on the PC-1 programming cable that came with the microphone into the external speaker jack on your computer.
  • Plug the 3.5mm plug (with the red wire) into the panel jack on the side of the microphone.
  • Select your sound byte using the media player on your computer. You should be able to record up to 20 seconds of a sound byte on the sound recording unit in the DM-5000. Only one sound byte at a time is able to be stored for playback.
  • Turn the sound recording unit in the microphone on by pushing the ON/OFF button to the ON position (pushed in) located on the side of the microphone on the top.
  • Start your sound byte and push/hold the red button on the programming cable to record the sound byte.
  • Be sure to turn the sound recording unit on the microphone to the OFF position (out) before unplugging the programming cable from the side of the microphone or else it will erase your sound byte.
  • Now you can take your microphone and connect it to your CB radio. Key up the microphone, push the trigger switch located on the side of the microphone in the middle, and the sound byte will play over the air!
  • Notes: To raise or lower the volume of the recorded sound byte, you can adjust the media player volume when recording the sound byte. The microphone does not need to be connected to the CB radio in order to record a sound byte. The programming cable can be left in line on the computer without impairing the function of the computer. You can also attach the programming cable to an MP3 player or similar device.

Have fun sharing your sound bytes with everyone!


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