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Top Ten CB Radios at CB World

Top Ten Mobile CB Radios by CB World

What is the best CB radio?

The one that works best for you!

When you purchase a CB radio, you need to consider size for placement in the vehicle and the features you want built into the radio. There are compact mobile radios that are great for when you have limited space to mount your radio, however, most of the compact radios do not include a SWR meter for antenna tuning so you will need to keep that in mind as a possible additional cost. There are several different features that you might want your radio to have.  Be sure to check out our Radio Features Help Center Article which describes each feature.

While searching for a radio, keep in mind that every CB radio will output the same 4 watts of power unless they are illegally modified or use with an amplifier.  By law, the FCC limits all CB radio transmission power to 4 watts.

So, with all CB radios transmitting with the same power output, why are some $49 and others in the $200+ range? The price differential is usually due to the radio features, brand, and the receiver.  The more expensive CB radios typically have better receivers to filter out static as compared to lower end models. Essentially, the sound you hear is much clearer and quieter. Think of purchasing a CB radio as if you were buying a home stereo. You are basically paying for a better receiver and more control options.  The high end radios are designed for professional drivers and incorporate lots of “bells & whistles” that allow more user control, SSB options, and Blue-tooth integration. 

If you are going to use your CB radio frequently to monitor channels, you might want to consider purchasing a mid to high end radio with a good receiver. If you only plan on using your radio for emergencies, then a low end model will generally fit your needs.

Whatever CB radio you decide to purchase, make sure that you have a good CB antenna system. A good performing antenna is key to optimum performance. Please see our page on The Best CB Antenna for more information.  Antenna tuning is critical to the overall performance of your CB system and every mobile CB antenna should be tuned.  Check out our Help Center Article How To Tune a CB Antenna.  

With that it mind, here is our list of the Top Ten Mobile CB Radios!  Not listed in any particular order.


McKinley CB Radio Featuring SSB

This 40 channel deluxe 12/24-volt AM/SSB CB radio with selectable (orange, green or blue) back-lit 3 color front panel & 7 weather channels with alert is sure to impress you.

Features manual and auto squelch, multi-function LCD display, RF/Mic gain, VOX hands free, scan, emergency channels, Dual Watch, Dim, ANL/NB & Hi-cut filters, channel & memory scans, 3 memory channels, Roger Beep, Key Beep, instant Channel 9/19, Talk-back, built-in SWR circuit (automatic SWR-beep sound), digital S-meter, front mount microphone, front panel loudspeaker, rear external speaker & PA jacks. Powered with a 12 volt or 24 volt battery.

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The 29 LX is the permanent replacement for the limited-edition radio (20,000 Units Built) celebrating Cobra's 50th anniversary. Cobra® has taken all the great features of the "Classic 29LTD" and managed to enhance it even further! The 29 LX has the same size case and uses the same accessories as a "Classic 29LTD". The LX's added features include a 4 color (Blue, Red, Amber & Green) illuminated LCD display that can be changed by user to match interior vehicle lighting, enhanced microphone, programmable LCD dimmer control, software controlled menus, 10 programmable memory channels with touch of a button, all channel scan, Weather receive with scan, Weather channel function automatically advances to clearset weather broadcast channel while driving, radio diagnostic check function allows monitoring of RF output, SWR, battery voltage with low battery alarm.

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BC980SSB Uniden CB Radio Featuring SSB

The Uniden Bearcat 980 is the only current Uniden CB radio with SSB operation. It features a large, easy to read illuminated control panel for easy use in all lighting conditions and comes with a newly designed microphone with an ergonomic pistol grip. This is a great looking radio. We are a big fan of the digital controls and displays on the newer radios coming out. This one is no exception. We noticed right away the controls feel more solid than some others. The 6 pin microphone plug was a little off putting until we found the 4-pin to 6-pin adapter in the box. Good move by Uniden there.

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BC880 Uniden CB Radio

Drive with confidence - stay connected with a Uniden Bearcat 880 CB radio on the open road! Powerful and ruggedly designed, the BC880 sports advanced features and settings to suit any CB user.

The Uniden BC880 is a perfect blend of functionality and style. The BC880 comes with a wide array of features to keep you in touch and informed. This Bearcat CB radio features a sleek face with 7-color LCD display that will match the interiors of modern and older vehicles alike. The advanced features of the Bearcat 880 include a large, easy to read display, weather frequencies, built in SWR, channel scan, and much more. Uniden's six-pin noise canceling microphone will keep the audio crisp and clear with less static. Add a wireless microphone for even more functionality with the Bearcat 880.

NOAA Weather alerts round out the communication capabilities of the Bearcat 880, helping you to stay informed and prepared for anything!

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PRO520XL Uniden CB Radio - Great for small vehicles

The Uniden Professional PRO520XL CB Radio is a compact powerhouse that adds public address capability and instant channel 9 access to the proven PRO510XL platform.

The Uniden PRO520XL has been a popular CB radio for years. It is well built with a simple set of controls. The PRO520XL's compact design makes this a great radio for vehicles that don't have a lot of space such as compact cars and smaller trucks. This radio outputs the same 4 watts that larger CB radios produce. The PRO520XL is virtually identical to the PRO510XL with an added PA jack and an instant channel 9 feature.

Uniden quality, value, and full feature performance in a compact mount anywhere design. The CB radio in demand by professionals, the Uniden PRO520XL.

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75822 Midland CB Radio

The Midland 75-822 Ultra Compact CB Radio with Mobile Adapter is a true switch hitter. The 75-822 is a two-in-one CB radio that is unique to the world of two-way radios. The 75-822 is quickly and easily convertible between handheld and mobile radio configurations. Monitor NOAA Weather channels, instantly access CB channels 9 and 19, and easy to read screen display make the 75-822 user friendly.

The Midland 75-822 handheld CB radio gives you the features of a larger mobile radio. Not only do you get the portability using battery power, but it includes a vehicle adapter. The 75-822 makes a great motorcycle communication system when you purchase a helmet ready headset.


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DX959 Galaxy CB Radio Featuring SSB

The DX 959 is one of the most popular models from Galaxy Radios. This radio already has an advantage, being from one of the most highly regarded CB radio manufacturers. Add to that its impressive list of features, including a 5-digit frequency display, built in SWR meter, and 1 KHz clarifier, and you have a winner. In addition, this radio is backed by Galaxy's outstanding 2 year warranty.

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BeartTracker885 Uniden CB Radio - Police Scanner Hybrid

The BearTracker 885 does what no other CB radio can do: it can keep you up-to-date with current public safety activity anywhere in the US and Canada* by scanning for police, fire, ambulance, and/or DOT radio traffic. No need to worry about changing scanner programming as you drive. The included GPS allows the BearTracker 885 to automatically select nearby channels from its nationwide database without you having to lift a finger.  Uniden updates that database every week, so if something changes where you are (or where you are going to be), simply load the latest using the included BearTracker Update Manager. The database includes all known* analog and digital channels, so all you have to do is drive and listen.

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Johnson II President CB Radio

A brand-new Deluxe CB radio the President Johnson II features tri-color face plate (Orange, Blue, or Green). The President Johnson II is compatible with 12/24-volt systems offering unmatched versatility in the world of two-way radio.

The Johnson II from President has a large easy to read front panel LCD display with dual watch, weather alert, key lock, a useable signal meter, up/down channel selection, local & distance switch, 3 memory channels with channel scan. An instant channel 9/19 ability means help is only a call away and the talkback front mount speaker makes the Johnson II a pleasure to listen to even when operating a heavy-duty truck or similar equipment!  An industry first five-year warranty means you don't have to worry about premature electronic failure with the Johnson II.

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If you are in the market for a new CB radio, the Cobra® 29 LTD Classic may be the radio for you. This radio has been the trucker's choice for many years. This is due to an excellent reputation for reliability. This is a solid, tried and true CB radio. It includes some of the most commonly sought after features. The 29 LTD also has a traditional style that is commonly associated with CB Radios.

The Cobra® 29 LTD Classic has been in production since the 1970s. Very little has changed about this radio over the years. That is because this is a radio that works. There are several variations of the 29, but the classic keeps on going. Cobra® is so confident in these radios, they offer a 2-year warranty for them.

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