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AU30TT - Accessories Unlimited Twist And Tune CB Antenna

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The Accessories Unlimited AU30TT is an easy to tune CB antenna. Turning the coil will tune the SWR for best performance. The standard 3/8" x 24 threaded ferrule works with all CB antenna mounts, studs, accessories.

If you enjoy simple-to-use radio equipment, you'll love the AU30TT twist-n-tune CB antenna.


CB radio bands


For mobile radio installations, a medium to heavy spring is a wise investment in protecting your antenna, mount, and vehicle. Be sure to review CB World's guide to CB Antenna Springs for comprehensive information on matching the right spring to your antenna.

The coaxial cable is a major, and often neglected, component when installing a CB antenna. Be sure to properly match your coax and connectors to your radio install. How to choose the best CB Radio Antenna gives some great information on coax.

Tune your Antenna

If your radio doesn't have a built in SWR meter, you'll need one to properly adjust your antenna. How to Tune your CB Antenna provides all the information you need for a painless SWR tune.

Power handling

350 watt rating

Product Features

  • 30 inch stainless mast
  • Base loaded - black base
  • easy tuning
  • no hassle setup
  • 27 MHz CB antenna

Additional Info

Accessories Unlimited
3.00 in
3.00 in

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